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goldco reviews

Investing in precious metals gives you a unique way to diversify and protect yourself from inflation, while delivering the comfort of having physical possession. Unlike other investments, their value is independent of stock market fluctuations so they are perfect for preserving your retirement funds against any potential volatility on the market. This provides an additional layer of security that cannot be obtained through traditional investing options.

Goldco Precious Metals is considered a leader in the gold IRA market, known for their unwavering commitment to quality customer service and strong ethical principles. Additionally, they offer comprehensive resources to help individuals understand how precious metals can be beneficial investments. In this article, we will examine why working with Goldco as your gold IRA company carries many advantages.

Who is Goldco?

For over ten years, Goldco Precious Metals has provided reliable service in the precious metals industry and is based out of California. They have earned numerous impressive awards such as “Company of the Year” two consecutive times! Notable figures like Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Ben Stein and Stew Peters recommend this gold IRA company – they are truly a cut above the rest.

Goldco stands out among other retirement providers with the expansive selection of services they offer. You can open a gold and silver IRA, plus purchase coins and bars directly from them! Even though their minimum account balance is higher than some competitors at $25,000, you get exclusive benefits that others don’t provide—for instance, it’s simple to transfer any type of retirement accounts like IRAs or 401(k), 403(b), as well as TSP accounts–not just savings accounts. What’s more? Rollovers have no fees at all AND you benefit from exceptional customer service without feeling pressured to make purchases. Goldcos’ excellent reputation is further solidified by the countless glowing reviews from satisfied customers, who continuously note that their representatives exceed all expectations.

Goldco has earned the trust of its customers and consistently attained exceptional ratings from both the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Business Consumer Alliance. With an A+ rating from BBB, as well as AAA rating by BCA, it’s fair to say that they prioritize providing outstanding service.

Gold and Silver IRAs with Goldco

Goldco Precious Metals presents a unique chance to safeguard your retirement savings by investing in precious metals IRAs. With huge tax benefits, you can easily transfer funds from other qualified accounts (i.e., 401(k), 403(b) or IRA). All it takes is a visit to their website for more information and requesting one of the complimentary informational kits that they provide today. Following this step, you will have full access to gold/silver coins and bars investments. If all your retirement funds are invested solely in stocks, diversifying with Goldco’s offer will be an intelligent and safe decision.

How much have you set aside for your future?

The government has made certain standards that determine the purity level of approved gold and silver for a Precious Metals IRA. Luckily, Goldco offers direct-to-customer services to make obtaining these coveted metals effortless. Their service allows customers to purchase coins, bars, or entire IRAs with ease and convenience.

If diversifying your portfolio is what you’re looking for, their specialists are there to help you pick the best blend of metals. From platinum and palladium,they have a range of investment options that can assist in achieving all your objectives. Additionally, their group has an impeccable customer service record which makes it effortless for anyone to open up an account with them quickly.

Investing in Precious Metals Directly with Goldco

Are you considering buying gold or silver for your own collection? Goldco is here to assist. Offering an array of coins and bars crafted from both metals that can be kept in the comfort of your home, they provide all you need in terms of precious metal acquisition. The IRS has set certain purity standards for these investments – 99.5% pure (excluding American Eagles) for gold coins, 98% pure for silver coins– so make sure you’re getting what exactly what it says on the label before making a purchase.

At Goldco Precious Metals, investors are provided with the grandest selection of coins and bars that meet both IRA regulations and highest purity requirements. As a proud provider of precious metals, they offer:

  • Gold American Eagles
  • Silver American Eagles
  • Gold American Eagle Proofs
  • Silver American Eagle Proofs
  • Silver American Bald Eagles
  • Silver Australian Spotted Eagle Rays
  • Silver Australian Striped Marlins
  • Gold Australian Striped Marlins
  • Gold bars
  • Silver bars and more

Goldcos’ Buyback Program

Are you worried about liquidating your gold? Don’t be! Goldco’s amazing buyback program ensures that you can take the distributions you need without having to worry about searching for a reliable dealer. Plus, taking distributions at 59 1/2 won’t bring any penalties like other IRA accounts are subjected too.

Precious Metals Storage

Sadly, the government forbids you from storing gold and silver in a personal IRA. Nevertheless, Goldco offers an assortment of storage solutions to help meet your desires:

Fee’s With Goldco

The following are the costs associated with creating a Goldco gold IRA account:

  • An $80 one-time setup fee
  • A $200 annual storage, maintenance, and insurance fee

If you’re looking to invest in gold or silver outside of an IRA account, look no further – their minimum purchase requirement is just $25,000. Not only are their set-up fees and annual rates cost effective compared to other companies that offer a similar service; but they also guarantee highly competitive returns. Invest with them today for superior security on your precious metals investment.

Goldco vs Competitors

Having now explored the advantages offered by Goldco, it’s time to see how their benefits compare against those of their competitors:

Augusta precious metals review

Augusta Precious Metals

Annual Fee – $200

Minimum Deposit – $50,000

One-time Setup fee – $80

Buyback – Yes

If you seek a safe place to store your investments, Augusta Precious Metals is the perfect fit. Not just do they provide precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) that enable users to buy gold and silver coins, but their reviews demonstrate how superb their services are! Keep in mind there’s an initial minimum investment of $50K; however if that isn’t a problem for you then opting for Augusta can save significantly compared with Goldco.

Birch Gold Group review

Birch Gold Group

Annual Fee – $200

Minimum Deposit – $10,000

One-time Setup fee – $50

Buyback – Yes

Like Goldco, Birch Gold Group offers four kinds of precious metals for investment (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) at reasonable rates with a minimum purchase requirement of only $10K.

Goldco Review – Final Thoughts

Goldco is among the most esteemed gold and silver IRA companies, with an outstanding customer service policy. If you are considering a retirement plan switch-up, rest assured that their range of options come sans hidden fees: from 401(k)s to 403(b)s to TSP accounts (not just savings accounts). When it comes time for choosing your gold IRA company, go with Goldco – they will not disappoint.

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