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American Hartford Gold reviews

For ages, gold has been the most treasured asset and an essential part of any financial portfolio. Recently, investors have started diversifying their portfolios with precious metals like gold through IRA accounts. American Hartford Gold is one such company; a family-owned business situated in Los Angeles since 2009 that offers customers investment options with bars and coins not just in gold but also silver and platinum — ensuring maximum returns on your investments.

American Hartford Gold provides investors a variety of options: they can have their gold delivered directly to them or placed in tax-advantaged retirement accounts like IRAs, 401ks, and TSPs. On top of that, the company offers useful market insights with historical context for newcomers as well as seasoned investors.

Unquestionably, American Hartford Gold is a company that surpasses all expectations. From their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to 5-star customer satisfaction ratings on multiple review platforms like Trustpilot and Google, there’s no disputing it. With Inc. 5000 listing them as the #1 gold company in 2021 – an incredible accomplishment – they’ve certainly earned this lofty recognition.

American Hartford Gold vs Their Competitors

Now that we have a complete comprehension of American Hartford Gold, let us compare them to some of their most esteemed competitors.

Augusta precious metals review

Augusta Precious Metals

Annual Fee – $200 Minimum Deposit – $50,000 One-time Setup fee – $80 Buyback – Yes If you are looking to invest a sizable amount of money, Augusta Precious Metals is the ideal option. Their retirement accounts for precious metals allow investors to buy gold and silver at considerable discounts – just make sure your minimum investment meets their $50k requirement. With lower rates compared with competitors like American Hartford Gold, an account with Augusta Precious Metals will offer significant financial savings that can help secure your future.

goldco review


Annual Fee – $200 Minimum Deposit – $25,000 One-time Setup fee – $80 Buyback – Yes Goldco offers the same selection of precious metals as American Hartford Gold, with a minimum investment requirement of $25,000 – slightly higher than that of its competitor. However, when it comes to fees and pricing structure, Goldco is one of the most reasonable gold IRA providers in comparison to other companies on the market.

American Hartford Gold Review – Final Thoughts

With unparalleled service, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive knowledge of the gold market—past and present—American Hartford Gold is in a league of its own. They provide investors with the invaluable insight they need to make informed decisions regarding their investments. If you are looking for an ideal gold IRA provider, American Hartford Gold is one of the best options.

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